Regular 1/2HP Priming Pumps

  1/2HP Self priming pumps are designed to work with out foot valve.The internal clearances are kept to a minimum to give maximum head.Small capacity self priming pump with brass impeller,cast iron pump casing & aluminum motor body gives you extened life.It can be used for water supply to residential bungalows and flats.

Self-priming, corrosion-resistant, high-capacity sprinkler pump

Capable of operating up to 30 sprinkler heads; delivers 115/230 motor voltage and offers dual voltage capability

Constructed of rugged, heavy-duty fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic

Self-priming design permits use on automatic sprinkler systems as well as de-watering and water transfer

Power Range(HP) : 0.25 To 1.0 HP(240v,50Hz,A.c,1Phase)
Speed : 2700Rpm
Discharge Range : 11 Lpm To 40 Lpm
Total Head Range : 3 meters To 30 meters
Pipe Size in mm(Suction*Delivery) : 25*25
Suction lift capacity with foot valve : 7 Meters
Sealing : Mechanical Seal