Self Priming Economic Model

self-priming pump with peripheral impeller Reliable, compact, economic and simple to use.

These pumps are suitable for handing clean water not containing abrasive particles and fluids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump components Reliable, economical and simple to use, they are suitable for domestic applications, and the automatic distribution of water for surge tanks watering gardens and for boosting insufficient mains water pressure. These pumps should be installed in a covered area for Protection against the weather.

They are suitable to transfer high volumes of water (not exceeding 60°C) against low head.Ambient temperature up to 40°C Continuous duty.

Power Range(HP) : 0.25 To 1.0 HP(240v,50Hz,A.c,1Phase)
Speed : 2700Rpm
Discharge Range : 11 Lpm To 40 Lpm
Total Head Range : 3 meters To 30 meters
Pipe Size in mm(Suction*Delivery) : 25*25
Suction lift capacity with foot valve : 7 Meters
Sealing : Mechanical Seal