Borewell Compressor

  Sharp Tech water compressor pump operates on the principle of difference of two interconnected water columns.The heavier one balancing over the lighter one.During operation the compressed air is pumped down the well and gets mixed with water inthe discharge pipe as very fine air bubbles by the air-distributor installed at the end of the air pipe line.This air water mixture having a low density than the surrounding water column rises in the discharge pipe.On continuation of this process,water is pumped out through the discharge pipe.The outlet from the discharge pipe must not be connected to the long conveyance pipes since this will cause hammering when the water is ejected out due large air pockets formed during the horizontal travel of the air water mixture in the pipe.

Salient Features

*Suitable for all purposes-Domestic,Commercial,Industrial or Agricultural.

*Available in a wide range-1HP to 10HP.

*Buit to work round the clock.

*One year guarantee against any mechancial defect.

*Prompt after sales service.

Negligible Maintenance Cost

  Sharp Tech Borewell Compressor pumps are virtually maintenance free.It is enough just to maintain the lubricate oil level properly.

Noise Free Performance

  The efficient alignment of various parts and opt selection of valve blades results in very less operating noise.

Pipe Selection Chard

1 HP Singe Cyclinder
11/2HP Singe Cyclinder
2 HP Singe Cyclinder
11/2 1
11/2HP Double Cyclinder
2 HP Double Cyclinder
11/2 1 or 11/4
3 HP Double Cyclinder 11/2 1 or 11/2
5 HP Double Cyclinder 11/2 11/2or 2
71/2HP Double Cyclinder
10 HP Double Cyclinder
5/8 or 3/4 2 or 21/2

Compressor Selection

Upto 250 feet 1 HP Single Cylinder 3 HP Double Cyclinder
Upto 350 feet 1.5 HP Single Cylinder 3 HP Double Cyclinder
Upto 400 feet 2 HP Single Cylinder(or)
1.5 HP Double Cyclinder(or)
2 HP Double Cyclinder(or)
(For Higher Water Consumption)
5 HP Double Cyclinder
Upto 500 feet ________ 5 HP Double Cyclinder (or)7.5 HP Double Cyclinder
Upto 600 feet __________ 7.5 HP Double Cyclinder (or)10 HP Double Cyclinder
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