Air Compressor

SHARP TECH Compressors are available for all applications in diverse industries. The compressors are manufactured with advanced technology for high operating efficiency and conform to the finest quality and stringent quality control tests at every stage. Range: Up to 20 HP at 12 Kg/ working pressure.

SHARP TECH is produced from high quality materials coupled workmanship to ensure utmost reliability and efficiency in operation under most arduous conditions.

An air compressor is mostly a compressor that takes into custody air and raises the amount of air in a particular space at atmospheric pressure and distributes it at a higher pressure. By contracting the air inside, the air pressure is increased which in turn generates energy that is useful for various industrial, manufacturing, commercial or personal purposes.

Air compressors are extra necessary than merely pumping up tires. These flexible tools can also power nail guns, spray guns, and many other tools and machinery. The functionality of these machines is like lungs of the human respiratory system. For example, when you take a deep breath to blow out candles on your birthday, you're increasing the air pressure comprising in your lungs. Similarly, air compressors effectively use the force of air to produce energy for various equipments.

The compressors cover a wide range of single stage cylinder, single stage twin cylinders, and two stage two cylinders, portable and stationary with vertical or horizontal air receivers.

The smaller capacity compressors are fitted with ball bearings to the connecting rod, which will give smoother running and longer life. The side cover in the crank case is provided with unbreakable transparent sheet which enable the clear function of the ball-bearings fitted connecting rod and oil splash lubrication visible and its added attraction too.

All receivers are specially built with heavy gauge mild steel and hydraulically tested. Hand holes are provided for easy cleaning and maintenance in big size receivers.

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